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Insurance is something most people need in one form or another. Auto insurance is the most common protection people purchase; however, if you own a home, you also need home insurance. These premiums can really add up. Yet there are ways you can save money.

Did you know that most home insurance services that also sell auto policies offer discounts for buying both coverages? Bundling your protection could also earn you a discount on other policy fees.

What Is Insurance Bundling?

Bundling is the term that auto and home insurance services use when they sell two or more types of policies to the same customer, often at a discounted rate. By choosing to purchase your policies from the same agency, you are rewarded with a type of bulk purchase discount that can help make your auto and home insurance more affordable.

Some providers offer this as a collective discount on all included policies, while others offer specific discounts for each included policy. Either way, the savings can really add up.

The Benefits of Bundling

The most recognizable benefit of bundling is the up-front savings you may see on your home and auto insurance policies, sometimes as much as 20%. While the discount available will vary depending on your specific needs and your insurance company and agency, most buyers see a reduction in their collective premium when they purchase bundled policies.

Bundling also gives you a few other benefits, such as the convenience of managing your multiple policies through one agency, and the ability to develop a more personal customer relationship with your home insurance services provider.

Another significant yet under-realized benefit is how bundling can positively affect your deductibles. Should you suffer a loss that affects both your home and your vehicle, you would normally have to pay two separate deductibles. With bundled policies, it is possible that you might pay only one.

Getting the Most from Bundling

Although bundling can help you with lower premiums on your auto and home insurance, it is still important that you shop wisely. While bundling can make policies more affordable, you should seek policies that provide the coverage you truly need. Never buy bundled policies simply because they are cheaper since any discount offered could become a liability if the coverate is not enough.

Remember to review your policy every year at renewal time and compare it to other similar policies. Bundling benefits could change over the years as home and auto insurance premiums increase overall or your needs change. Getting the most from your bundled plan means obtaining the best price for the most appropriate coverage according to your current circumstances.

Auto and home insurance can be expensive; however, it is a necessity to protect your property and your investment. The good news is auto and home insurance services offer a number of ways to reduce premiums, including policy bundling. Bundling your home and auto insurance gives you the coverage you need from an agency you trust, all at the best possible price!

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