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Homeowners insurance provides important protection for property and belongings against damage or theft. Besides having a great home insurance policy, there are other things that homeowners can do to protect themselves, including installing a secure door lock.

Not all locks are created equal, so it is important to choose the right one. This inexpensive, yet often-overlooked security element can ensure a home is burglarproof.

How Are Locksets Graded?

Door locksets are graded by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Builders Hardware Manufacturing Association (BHMA) to help consumers understand what constitutes a strong and safe lock and to help select the best ones. Locksets are graded according to their construction, operation or mechanism, durability against damage, and their service life or the number of cycles they should withstand.

By using these ratings and details, home insurance providers suggest that consumers research the various types and styles of locks suitable for their homes and choose the highest quality set that offers the longest life and can withstand most door strikes.

Three Grades of Door Locksets

There are three grades of door locksets as follows:

  • High - Grade 1 locksets offer the highest level of security for residential or commercial applications and are most recommended by homeowners insurance companies. They are confirmed to withstand 800,000 knobs/250,000+ deadbolt cycles, with knobs withstanding 6 door strikes, deadbolts withstanding 10 hammer strikes, and the set withstanding a 360-pound weight test. Grade 1 sets include various types of commercial-grade lever handles, vertical deadbolts, and double-barrel deadbolts that secure the door and the frame to prevent tampering.
  • Medium - Grade 2 standard deadbolts for residential-only use are usually considered to be medium quality. They can withstand 400,000 knobs/150,000 deadbolt cycles, with knobs withstanding 4 door strikes, deadbolts withstanding 2 hammer strikes, and the set withstanding a 250-pound weight test. Grade 2 sets work by setting the pins into the doorframe. Although this is not completely tamper-proof, it is more secure than knob-only locks and recommended by home insurance companies as a standard security measure.
  • Low - Grade 3 locks are those that, while meeting residential security requirements, provide the least amount of security. They are found to withstand 200,000 knobs/100,000 deadbolt cycles, with knobs withstanding 2 door strikes, deadbolts withstanding 2 hammer strikes, and the set withstanding a 200-pound weight test. Grade 3 sets are not as protective as the higher grade units since they wear out quickly and can be more easily broken or dislodged from the door or frame. Due to their lower-quality construction and protection, homeowners insurance companies generally do not recommend Grade 3 locksets.

When choosing a lockset for any residence, home insurance providers suggest that consumers find the style and type needed for their specific door, then compare grades to select the strongest set. No door lock is completely fool-proof; however, one that cannot be easily tampered with is the first and easiest line of security against a break-in. Homeowners insurance companies know that many would-be burglars will think twice when faced with a Grade 1 lock that they cannot easily breach!

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