One of the important protections your homeowners insurance policy provides you with is coverage for your roof, possibly the most expensive single element that makes up your home.

Whether your roof is damaged by hail or a huge fallen branch, your home insurance will usually cover the cost of repairs to get your house back to normal as quickly as possible.

Will you get a whole new roof when yours has been damaged? That really depends on the extent of the damage and what repairs will cost.

Your homeowners insurance agency has the responsibility to get your roof back into the condition it was before the damage; however, that does not always mean a whole new roof.

The Roof May Not Need Total Replacement

The biggest consideration that home insurance companies have when paying for repairs to a damaged roof is how much of the roof is damaged and what is the best yet least costly way to repair it.

If the damage is widespread and affects a large percentage of the roof, a full replacement may be warranted.

If the damage is isolated to one area and the rest of the roof is fine, your homeowners insurance may only pay to fix that damaged section of the roof.

Should a full replacement somehow be less expensive than repairing just one part of the roof or if it a full replacement is detailed within your policy, it’s possible your homeowners insurance agency will approve a whole replacement.

What Does Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover?

Many homeowners are surprised to find out that their homeowners insurance does not cover full roof replacement when a partial repair or replacement is sufficient.

It’s important that you understand the language in your policy and exactly what you are entitled to if repair is necessary so you know what to expect.

Since your home insurance company is only required to repair the roof using the same or similar materials, this may not include full roof replacement.

Your insurance agency may also not be responsible for material upgrades or other extras; they only need to pay for returning the roof to its original condition before it was damaged.

If you want to make sure you get a full replacement in the event your roof sustains some kind of damage, you can have your policy written to provide that coverage, usually for a higher premium.

What If the Damage Is More Extensive Than Initially Estimated?

As with any other kind of repair, your adjuster will estimate the extent of the repairs needed and determine whether or not your roof should be partially or fully replaced.

If the damage is more extensive than initially estimated, your adjuster and roofer will together decide what repairs should be made and whether that should include a full roof replacement.

Not Every Roof Needs Full Replacement

Your home insurance company is responsible for getting your roof back into serviceable condition when it is damaged by a covered loss, which may not involve a full roof replacement.

Talk to your homeowners insurance agency to learn more about how this decision is made and what to expect if your roof is ever in need of repairs from a covered loss!

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