Fall is right around the corner and like any other season, there are certain seasonal maintenance items that home insurance agencies recommend to keep your home in great condition and safe all year long.

You can avoid problems that could cause damage to your home and potential homeowners insurance claims by including these important tasks on your get-ready-for-fall maintenance schedule!

1. Roofing Maintenance

Before fall turns into winter, it’s important to perform a thorough inspection of your roof or have one done by a roofing contractor.

Look for items in need of repair and take care of those before it gets too cold to do them, paying particular attention to the eaves, the condition of the shingles, and openings where critters could enter your home.

Additionally, home insurance companies consider gutter cleaning critical and necessary fall roofing maintenance, as clogged gutters can be the cause of significant damage to your roof, house, and even your foundation

2. Yard and Tree Maintenance

Once the trees are bare, do a thorough cleanup around the yard picking up leaves, sticks, and twigs, then wrap up with a final lawn mowing.

Inspect the condition of lawn irrigation systems and once it becomes necessary, do a proper draining of the system to prevent cracked and broken pipes once it starts going below freezing at night.

Clean and store your lawn equipment properly, taking care to properly store any fuel you have.

Since in most communities you can no longer burn leaves, compost them or put them out in the trash.

If any tree pruning is necessary to remove dead branches that could fall on your roof off, do that now.

3. Home Exterior Maintenance

Besides dealing with your roof, yard, and trees, fall maintenance to keep your home in great shape and prevent home insurance claims should be done as well.

Home exterior maintenance tasks include covering up outside air conditioner units to protect them during the winter and prolong their lives, cleaning and re-caulking windows and doors as needed to prevent air and moisture from getting into the house, and sealing around any exterior pipes.

Make sure your walkway and driveway are in good condition as well and make repairs as needed so there is no danger of slipping or tripping during the rainy fall or icy winter.

4. Home Interior Maintenance

Inside the home, start your fall maintenance to prevent homeowners insurance claims by checking your attic; look at the condition of your insulation and for any evidence of leaks, pests, or other problems.

If you have a fireplace, have your chimney cleaned professionally before you use it again to ensure it’s safe to use.

Then inspect your furnace and heating system to ensure it’s also clean and functioning properly.

If you use space heaters, make sure they are clean and functioning properly and review correct usage to prevent the possibility of a fire.

5. Test Home Safety Devices

Most importantly, as you head into the cooler weather when you’ll be using your heater and/or fireplace, home insurance companies stress the importance of testing home safety devices.

It is recommended that you test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors when daylight savings changes in the fall and spring to be sure they are functioning and that batteries are fresh.

Rounding It Up

Each season brings with it different weather-related home maintenance challenges.

Heading into fall this year, make sure you take care of the things that home insurance agencies agree are critical to prevent damage to your home so you won't need to file any insurance claims!

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