Health Savings Account – HSA

A health savings account in Bryan and College Station Texas – or HSA – is basically an individual savings account that is set up and designed to gather your tax-free dollars and hold them until needed to reimburse yourself for medical expenses not covered by a group health insurance policy because of having selected a high-deductible health plan.   It is an account that is individually-owned.  The advantage of a health savings account in College Station TX is that any amounts not used in one year can be carried over to the next year.

An HSA can provide a dependable safety net for your family as protection from expensive medical bills and a high-deductible plan. Whether it’s a yearly checkup or an unplanned trip to the emergency room, count on your HSA to cover the cost.  A health savings account is a great way to set money aside tax-free to supplement health insurance costs.

What are the reasons to let Jones & Associates help me set up a health savings account in Bryan TX?

  • We can help you use tax-free dollars to pay for medical expenses!
  • The cost for such coverage is affordable!
  • We know many health insurance companies and can find the right one for you!

Don’t wait until unpaid medical bills have happened –  call Jones & Associates at (979) 776-4740 to get you started with a health savings account in Bryan or College Station today!

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