Disability Health Insurance

We never think of the possibility that we will be unable to work due to an accident, illness, or some type of disaster until such an event happens  – and we find ourselves unprepared and uninsured. Don’t let disability leave you helpless – there is disability health insurance in Bryan and College Station Texas available.

Disability health insurance in Bryan TX offers a wide source of coverage and benefits including short-term and long-term disability as well as paid sick leave.  This type of policy is geared to protect a wage-earner’s income from stopping if unable to work due to accident, illness, or other covered occurrence.  It is vital to keep a family from facing severe financial difficulties should a primary wage-earner be unable to work.

Why should you choose Jones & Associates as your source of disability health insurance in College Station?

  • We know that you need disability health insurance to protect yourself and your family!
  • We can design a policy to cover you if something covered prevents you from working!
  • There are many plans we can find that are affordable for you and your family!

When it comes to disability health insurance in Bryan and College Station, the specialists at Jones & Associates know how to design a plan to protect you and your family when affected by disability. Whether self-employed or looking to supplement employer-provided coverage, we can mold a policy to suit your needs!  Call us at (979) 776-4740 today!

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