The Affordable Care Act raised a lot of controversy and numerous questions before it went into effect. Now that the Act is law and open enrollment is over, you may be wondering what to do if you need to change your health insurance plan. If may appear as if there is nothing that can be done to change your plan; well, rest assured that there are situations where adjustments can be made.

Making Plan Changes

The Affordable Care Act requires that any changes to a plan be made within sixty (60) days of what is termed a ‘qualifying life event.’ Following are some of the circumstances when changes to this health insurance coverage are accepted:

  • Job Change – If you are terminated or change jobs and had coverage through your employer, you can purchase health insurance through the government or through an insurance company directly. Although it seem like an overwhelming task, there are insurance experts such as those at Jones & Associates who can answer questions and provide some great options.

  • Financial Changes – A change in employment could also mean a change in finances, which could affect eligibility for financial assistance. A change in income is another example of a ‘qualifying life event’ that allows for a mid-year change in health insurance – regardless of the reason.

  • Residency Changes – Moving is another ‘qualifying life event’ that allows for an adjustment or change to a health insurance plan. If moved or moving and still within the sixty (60) day window, you may need to choose a new plan based on the coverage area. With all the normal moving issues, let an agency experienced in handling health insurance such as Jones & Associates Insurance take the stress out of looking for the proper coverage for you and your family.

  • Dependency Status Changes – If a person’s dependency status changes due to adoption, birth, or marriage, changes can be made to a health insurance plan. The insurance experts at Jones & Associates can handle the changes so that you can focus on your family.

Just because open enrollment season for the Affordable Care Act is over does not mean that changes cannot be made to your current policy. At Jones & Associates, we can answer your questions and help make any necessary changes to your health insurance plan to keep you covered. Let our family owned and operated business take care of your family’s healthcare needs!

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