Health Insurance Bryan TXHealth insurance in Bryan and College Station Texas is a topic that has lately been in the news a lot as people research the newest options available for their families. Healthcare – and access to it – is important to enjoy good health and a good quality of life, an idea that has been common knowledge since the time of the Babylonians – and earlier. Even then people had a form of health insurance to ensure that those who needed it got necessary medical care, a concept that hasn’t changed much from then until now.

Health Insurance – Ancient Times

Babylon and Mesopotamia have been known for many important ideas and inventions that are still used today. Interestingly, one of those ideas was managed health care, a premise still used globally to keep all citizens in good health.

King Hammurabi of Babylon initially conceived the idea around 1700 B.C. after having translated some cuneiform writings that depicted a business plan of sorts to provide medical attention for people in a community. He used that information and created a program for his people that made sure there was access to doctor’s treatment as needed and paid for by one of his most important ideas, a fee schedule.

With standard set fees for different procedures, needs were paid for in advance so that when treatment was actually needed, credit had been accrued. Hammurabi also created classes of care for the three classes of people recognized at that time – upper class, middle class and slaves. He also initiated the practice of slave owners paying for the medical care of their slaves so that even the poorest could have medical attention, even if it was only at a basic level. Sound similar to the modern healthcare system used globally today?

A Sickness Fund

Hammurabi’s idea of a program with different levels of care based on status and contributed money spread rapidly through the Middle East, eventually reaching the Roman Empire and then Europe. Each society added changes to fit unique needs yet remained essentially the same – pay ahead for medical services and be guaranteed to receive them when needed. Basically, it was a sickness fund like health insurance in Bryan.

It wasn’t until the 1840s that the idea of managed medical care reached the United States; it was originally only in the form of accident insurance that was similar to catastrophic injury insurance. The idea worked well at that time and soon companies were increasing the types of coverage offered until by the early 20th Century, fee-based, managed health insurance in Bryan and College Station TX was available.

Since then, health insurance in College Station has seen new ideas come and go as medical care advanced and costs rose; however, the basic idea remained the same. Prepayment of a premium allows insureds to redeem contributions for more than the actual contribution value by doctors agreeing to see patients for a special fee. Doctors get more work, patients get needed care, and insurance companies remain profitable.

Health insurance in Bryan and College Station is still basically the same as during the time of Hammurabi, although some policies and procedures have changed along the way. Managed care plans available today may fall short of the intended goal to make medical care available to as many people as possible; however, change is on the horizon that could improve the ideas of Hammurabi in the best ways possible!

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