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Covering an agricultural property with the right farm insurance is essential for providing the protection this type of property needs. Agricultural property requires purchasing from a farm insurance agency a different type of insurance unique from most other policies. It is important to discuss the various policies available with an experienced ranch insurance agency in order to purchase a policy that is based on details such as ownership, use, and who resides on the land.

Farm Property Insurance Policies

The first type of farm insurance policy an owner must consider is one that protects the property itself, including the home and buildings that sit on it. The policies offered by a farm insurance agency will differ depending on property usage and who lives on the property:

  • Homeowner Farm and Ranch - These policies cover homes, personal possessions, farm buildings, and other items when the owner resides on the property.
  • Farm and Ranch Property - These type of policies protect properties that are used as a business and the owner does not actually live on the property. Any personal possessions are covered by the resident’s personal homeowner’s insurance.
  • Farm Renter Coverage - This is a policy similar to the homeowner's property policy but is designed for those who rent and live on a farm or ranch. It typically covers personal possessions like a renter’s policy as well as certain fixtures and structures on the property.   

Farm Risk Policies

In addition to farm insurance for property, buildings, and personal belongings, working ranches and agricultural properties need certain types of coverage to protect their financial investment as well. Risk policies typically available from a farm or ranch insurance agency include:

  • Yield Coverage -  This protects against reduced crop yield if it falls below average due to drought or other conditions.  
  • Income and Revenue Coverage - This policy covers named causes of reduced income or revenue that may affect the entire ranch or only a certain crop. It covers items such as crop or livestock yield, market decreases, and other things that can affect revenue.
  • Single, Combined, or Whole Farm Coverage - These are policies that provide various crop, livestock, income, and revenue insurance in a variety of situations. Single risk coverage offered by a farm insurance agency would protect against a single event, such as a tornado. Combined policies cover multiple events or risks. Whole farm policies provide the most comprehensive coverage for all risks.

Livestock Insurance

Different from all other policies offered by an agency, livestock coverage is yet one more option that agricultural business owners may consider to protect their farms. These policies cover different types of loss relating to the raising and sale of livestock and will differ accordingly.

Ranch and farm insurance is an essential necessity for anyone who owns or operates a farm, whether they are a renter or property owner. Yet obtaining the right coverage from a ranch insurance agency can be a challenge since there are a wide variety of policies available that protect against many different risks. To obtain the most suitable coverage, both owners and renters should discuss their needs with an experienced farm insurance agency that can advise on the most effective ways to get the required protection!

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