Farm Insurance in College Station Texas

Farm and ranch insurance is an essential need for all Texas agriculturists and ranchers. Yet what many do not realize is their need to purchase adequate livestock coverage from their insurance agency in addition to buildings and equipment protection. The common idea that the loss of a few animals each year does not warrant additional coverage can be a huge mistake should the worst happen. Rather than risk the devastating effects of losing entire herds or flocks, farmers and ranchers should invest in the right livestock policies offered by their insurance company.

The Importance of Livestock Coverage

Farmers and ranchers know that they need adequate ranch and farm insurance to protect their business investment. These plans take care of buildings, equipment, and guard against liability. Yet the typical plans offered by insurance agencies do not cover the livestock itself. Ranch insurance agencies that handle this type of animal protection offer separate coverage for this. Unfortunately, many of ranchers and farmers go without this essential coverage and leave things to chance.

Livestock coverage is an essential protection that anyone raising cattle, sheep, or goats need to protect this source of income. While a few yearly losses from a herd might not be an issue, farmers and ranchers need to consider what would happen if a larger number or specific high-value animals were lost. Losing entire herds or even individual, valuable animals could be a devastating blow to the business, leaving uninsured ranches and farms without the financial ability to replace the loss.

What Does Livestock Insurance Cover?

Livestock insurance plans take care of the farm or ranch for the value of insured herds. Although individual policies offered by ranch insurance agencies may differ, most provide a benefit when an animal dies due to a covered peril. Depending on the type of operation and the value of the herd, some agriculture properties and ranches may choose entire herd protection; mortality policies for individual, high-dollar animals such as racehorses and breeding stock; and other options. These policies typically cover the following perils:

  • Smoke
  • Fire
  • Electrocution
  • Drowning
  • Storms
  • Attacks by dogs or wild creatures
  • Accidental shooting, building collapse, or sinkholes
  • Vandalism
  • Collision
  • Civil unrest
  • Certain other named perils

Who Most Needs This Protection?

Although livestock coverage is an important asset to have for any business that has income-producting animals, it is essential for those who have the highest risks. Farms and ranches located in areas that are prone to extreme weather should seriously consider this addition to their standard policies. The same is true for owners of expensive show, race, or breeding livestock. Policies that take care of entire herds or pay a mortality benefit on specific animals can be purchased as needed from an insurance agency so an owner's livelihood is protected.

Before deciding that standard farm and ranch insurance is sufficient, Texans raising animals should also consider livestock coverage. The loss of a flock or losing valuable breeding or performance animals can be a devastating blow. Yet with the right coverage provided by experienced farm insurance agencies, it will be possible to recover financially from substantial losses!

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