Running a farm is an expensive venture when you consider the cost of land, equipment, and farm buildings as well.

A tailored policy written by your farm insurance agency provides important protection for all your farm assets to reimburse you when losses happen.

Yet having a good farm insurance policy doesn’t mean you can ignore things like building maintenance and security.

Good upkeep ensures your buildings stay in great shape to function as intended while reducing claims against your insurance policy that can result in higher premiums.

Good security reduces the chance you’ll be claiming losses due to theft or vandalism.

Routine Farm Building Maintenance Is Essential

Your farm buildings need regular maintenance just like your home to them standing strong and prevent damage that can weaken the structures and cause you to make claims against your farm insurance policy.

More importantly, it’s critical that you do regular inspections of the roofs on all your buildings to ensure they’re in good shape and protecting what’s beneath them.

Any roof is a highly important and expensive part of any structure, so be sure to take care of it to avoid leaks or even collapse as a result of damage that has gone undiscovered over the years.

In addition, routinely check siding, doors, and windows in all agricultural buildings in search of damage and make repairs as necessary.

Prevent water damage by keeping all gutters and drains clean; if there are cement floors in your buildings, do regular checks for cracks or look for other evidence that there is some kind of problem.

Practice Building Safety to Prevent Accidents

Another significant way to reduce losses and unnecessary insurance claims is by practicing good safety in your farm buildings.

Make sure they all have appropriate ventilation and always keep fire extinguishers handy for quick use if needed.

Have electrical systems regularly inspected to prevent electrical fires and always store any chemicals that are used in the proper way.

Keep Things Secure to Prevent Losses

Beyond the physical maintenance and safety of your farm buildings, farm insurance agency advisers stress the importance of building security under all circumstances.

If there’s anything in the building, whether livestock or machinery or even a winter’s worth of hay, it’s a target for theft or vandalism.

You can prevent incidents by keeping the exterior of all your agricultural buildings well-lit with adequate exterior lighting and motion-detector security lights; consider installing a security system that can be armed whenever no one is around.

Make sure all doors are padlocked where expensive equipment is kept and keep all items that might attract a thief stored inside and well out of sight.

Good Building Maintenance and Security

Even though you don’t live in them, all of your farm buildings require the same upkeep and security as your home.

Proactiveness in terms of building and roof maintenance as well as keeping the place safe and secure will pay off in the long run.

Though your farm insurance policy may protect against damage to your buildings and theft of what’s inside them, a better and more economical option is to take steps to prevent those things!

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