When searching for a farm insurance policy that adequately covers your farm or ranch buildings and other farm property, be careful about making assumptions.

While policies offered by farm insurance services do cover a lot, most of them have a few specific exclusions that, when not planned for, could become expensive losses,one of which is your fences and losses due to a non-covered fire.

Read here about those specifics, then talk to your farm insurance agency about getting all the coverage necessary to protect you in all situations.

Basic Farm Insurance Policy Coverage

The main farm insurance policy you take out to protect your property covers a lot of things.

Since no policy is the same, you should always confirm the extent of your coverage with your farm insurance agent as basic coverage usually includes farm machinery and equipment, livestock, farm products, farm buildings, liability, and more.

Some policies even cover your home and personal property when your residence is on the farm.

Basic farm policies have fairly broad coverage, though they also have some exclusions that must be protected with the right policy riders or supplemental coverage.

Fences Not Automatically Covered Property

One category of farm property not included in the basic farm coverage is fencing.

Most policies don’t cover fencing because fencing adds in many variables for calculating coverage costs since some farms don’t have fences while others have miles of it.

To keep things simpler in terms of calculating coverage and premium amounts, most farm insurance agencies exclude fencing on the main policy so it must be covered with a supplemental policy.

The add-on premium can then be calculated separately based on the type of fence on your farm, how much fencing you have, and the cost of replacement if something happens to it.

Fires A Common Policy Exclusion

Fire presents another insurance challenge, as many policies do protect against it but have a long list of factors that could exclude a loss due to a fire.

Anything from access your farm being on a dirt road as opposed to a paved one to inadequate reachable sources of water to put out a fire could exclude fire as a named peril on your general policy.

Every farm property and setup is different, so it’s recommended that you add supplemental coverage for fires based on what the policy does and does not cover.

Talk to Your Farm Insurance Agency!

Farm insurance exists to protect your investment and livelihood in the event you suffer some kind of loss.

To ensure your property is fully protected, it’s essential to closely examine your basic policy to determine what isn’t covered, then add a rider to the main policy for additional protection.

Discuss your fire coverage in detail with your farm insurance agency and then protect your fences with the necessary supplemental insurance

With the help of your insurance agent, you can write an all-inclusive policy that protects what needs protecting on your farm or ranch!

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