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Farms are a way of life for some; others, they are simply a chance to live in a more desirable and rural environment. The type of farm insurance you need to purchase from a local farm insurance agency depends on who owns the property, and how it is used. To obtain sufficient coverage for your possessions and your investment, you must understand the differences in policies and talk to your local farm insurance company in order to buy the right policy.

When You Own the Property

When you own farm property and reside there as well, you usually need both homeowners and farm insurance. This type of policy offers the most protection for your home itself and any included outbuildings. It also protects things such as swimming pools, water wells, and personal possessions as well as essential farm coverage for other buildings and structures.

As the property owner, these type of policies can be purchased from your local farm insurance agency. They provide the most complete replacement benefits for your home so it can be repaired or rebuilt should a loss occur. A policy such as this includes general protection for named farm equipment and tools and offers protection against covered losses. They also provide liability insurance against bodily damage that may occur on the property.

When You Rent the Property

If you live in a rented home on a farm, the policy you need from a farm insurance company differs somewhat from home and farm insurance. When you rent the property for working purposes, you need a renters policy that provides most of the same coverage outlined above. The main difference between renters policies and owner's policies is that a renter’s policy covers only your personal possessions, equipment, and tools, not the home structure itself.

The home itself must still be covered under a separate policy purchased by the property owner. If you only live in a home on a property but do not work the farm or use any equipment, buildings, or other structures on the property, then a standard renter’s policy purchased from a farm insurance agency could be sufficient enough to protect your personal belongings.

Additional Considerations

The biggest difference between farm insurance for those who own a property and those who rent is that an owner's policy protects the home structure while a renter's policy does not. Besides home coverage, both homeowners and renters must also consider their use of the property and the way these policies cover equipment, agricultural buildings, and other possessions as well as the amount of liability coverage provided.

Owners or renters may still need to supplement their policy with coverage for special equipment that is not covered in the basic policy. Livestock or crop insurance and workers compensation insurance may also need to be purchased if the farm employs workers.

Since no two farm insurance policies are exactly alike, if you live on a farm you should discuss your needs with an experienced farm insurance company. Whether you own, rent, or simply live in a house on the property, purchase a policy from a farm insurance agency that adequately protects what is yours!

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