The livestock business can be lucrative if you manage your ranch properly and produce quality livestock.

An important part of that management to reduce financial loss due to theft is to add livestock coverage to your farm insurance portfolio.

The Issue of Livestock Theft

Livestock theft is a very real and costly problem that ranch owners still face today, which is why your first protection against this peril is having the right ranch insurance to cover it.

Of course, you can also protect your livestock and your business by taking steps to prevent theft.

Here are some tips from farm insurance firms to make your ranch more theft-proof to keep your livestock safe!

Build and Maintain Strong Fences

Having strong, secure fences is a prime concern for every rancher as fences can keep thieves out as well as keep the cattle in.

Invest in top quality fences within your budget to prevent farm insurance theft claims and make fence maintenance a priority.

Keep your gates locked as well and position them only in places where they can be secured and monitored, in particular, closer to the main part of the farm or ranch itself.

Make Your Livestock Recognizable

Some thieves can be discouraged by brands, tattoos, and ear tags on the livestock as they make your animals uniquely recognizable and traceable to your ranch.

Such markings can also help authorities trace stolen animals and locate those who have illegally removed them from your ranch.

Inventory Your Animals

Farm insurance firms strongly recommend keeping a current inventory of every animal on your ranch, regardless of how numbers involved.

Periodic counting and identification of livestock will alert you to acts of theft, even if they only involve one or two animals at a time as well as help you identify patterns that can pinpoint when, where, and how any theft is occurring.

Secure Your Property

Another essential factor in reducing theft opportunities and reducing ranch insurance theft claims is keeping your ranch secure so that any would-be thieves recognize that your property is being monitored.

Set feeding pens away from the road, keep gates locked, and have an actual entranceway to the main part of the ranch where your buildings and gates are located.

Also understand that livestock thieves target ranches with absentee owners or staff.

It’s recommended that someone work or live on the property at all times so it is readily apparent that the place is being monitored.

Nurture Local Relationships

Another useful way to prevent farm insurance claims resulting from livestock theft is to build and nurture good community relationships.

When you make friends with your neighbors, know the local police, and stay in a positive light within your community, your neighbors will look out for you.

Neighbors notice things and can help prevent theft by notifying you or the police if they see questionable behavior around your ranch or even prevent theft just by being there.

You Can Prevent Livestock Theft

Texas is famous for its huge ranches and profitable livestock businesses and farm insurance firms also know that Texas has been home to cattle rustlers and livestock thieves since the first days of ranching in the state.

Although a good ranch insurance policy that covers theft is always recommended, investing in the right fences, ranch security, and other methods mentioned here are also important in preventing livestock theft!

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