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Horses are amazing animals. Unfortunately, they can also be a liability to their owners in a number of ways. Those who raise horses know that they need appropriate ranch insurance provided by a knowledgeable ranch insurance agency, but what about individual owners? Owners of horses used for pleasure, show, or racing may still require liability coverage separate from general farm insurance. In these instances, personal equine liability coverage is the best opinion.

Individual Horse Owners Vs. Horse Businesses

Concerning liability farm insurance, horse owners are different than equine businesses. Equine-related businesses such as breeding farms, show barns, and other operations that produce income are covered under specific ranch insurance that covers many liabilities, including injury or damage caused by the animals owned by the business. Private owners of individual animals are not protected by this business coverage. They must obtain protection against common liabilities through an individual policy sold by a ranch insurance agency that covers damage caused by their privately owned animals.

Do Private Horse Owners Need Liability Coverage?

Most owners realize that besides being beautiful creatures, horses can be unpredictable and even dangerous at times. When an owned animal injures a person or causes damage to someone's property, the owner of that equine is liable. Even the calmest horse can startle and kick someone, or cause some other type of injury. A person petting a horse over a fence could get bitten. Similarly, equines are powerful animals that can cause extensive damage to property.

Without liability coverage from an experienced farm insurance agency, equine owners could end up footing the bill for these damage or even face a legal claim made against them. Considering the possibilities, most keepers of horses would be wise to obtain a specific personal liability policy to protect them.

What Do Personal Horse Owner Policies Cover?

Personal horse owner liability coverage - also known as PHO coverage - protects the keepers of horses against damage caused by their animals. There is a misconception among many people that they can relieve themselves of equine-related liability by posting ‘dangerous animal’ and ‘at your own risk’ signs. Unfortunately, these postings do not hold up in court when someone has become injured or damage has been caused.

PHO, different from actual farm insurance, provides essential protection against injury caused by a personally owned equine or damage the animal does to someone else’s property. PHO also protects owners in unforeseen circumstances, such as injuries sustained by a driver who hits an animal that has gotten out of its paddock, or when someone is injured falling off someone else’s horse. Generally speaking, PHO protects an owner against claims made against them if their animal is somehow, in some way, responsible for damage or injury.

People can never be too careful when protecting themselves against liability. Equine owners can be found liable for injuries and damage caused by their personally owned animals. PHO coverage is very different than other types of ranch insurance. For best protection, those who own these animals should consider PHO liability insurance offered by a ranch insurance agency. With the right PHO policy, equine owners can enjoy their horses with the peace of mind that they have the best protection offered by a farm insurance agency for their unique circumstances!

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