If you own a farm or ranch, you may think the biggest farm insurance concern is all the structures and physical property.

Although you do need adequate coverage for all of that property, you also need to purchase broad liability coverage from a provider who specializes in farm insurance services and offers important liability coverages to cover the risks faced every day.

Below are just some types of coverage available from farm and ranch insurance agencies to consider depending on your kind of operation and common risks.

Premise and Personal Liability

The basic ranch or farm insurance liability policy needed is premises liability which protects just like homeowners liability.

If someone is hurt on farm property or some type of damage occurs, this is the policy that protects both you and your farm or ranch.

Premise and personal liability policies cover bodily injury, accidents, acts by pets and livestock, medical payments, and much more.

Operations Liability

Operations liability coverage sold by a farm and ranch insurance agency applies to injuries or damages that involve your machinery when it’s off the farm property.

This policy provides coverage for damages caused by any business operation act such as damages that happen on a roadway while moving or using equipment in close proximity to the public.

Commercial Product Liability

This insurance policy protects you against claims made relating to a product made on your farm and sold to the public.

While the selling of produce and other unaltered items is covered under your standard premise liability policy, a farm product policy provides coverage if you sell prepared food products that are altered, such as jam, cider, butter, and anything else that requires preparation.

Specialty Liability Policies

In addition to the more common farm insurance policies that most ranches or farms need, there are many other specialty policies or riders that can be added depending on your actual liability risk:

  • Agri-tainment Coverage - For farms that invite the public in for picking, purchasing, petting, or other on-farm activities.
  • Care, Custody, and Control - For those who raise and care for livestock owned by other people on their ranches.
  • Horse Boarding - A care, custody, and control policy specifically tailored for those boarding other people’s horses and the activities that take place at boarding stables.
  • Pollution or Chemical Liability - Coverage against accidental spills of contaminants, pollutants, and animal waste from your property or equipment while in transit plus the drifting of farm chemicals that cause damage to other people or their property.
  • Custom Farm Work - If you regularly do custom planting or harvesting for others on their properties.
  • Workers Compensation and Employer Liability - Recommended for any farm or ranch that has employees.
  • Unmanned Aircraft - Protects against damage caused by drones used to view/monitor farms.

Umbrella Liability

Even with the many different liability policies available from farm insurance providers, an umbrella policy can provide critical coverage when the standard policies reach their limitations.

Umbrella insurance protects assets in the event of a claim that turns out to be significantly more costly than what other policies cover.

Does Your Farm Or Ranch Have the Right Liability Coverage?

Ranch and farm insurance is not a one-size-fits-all purchase because every operation is different and every agricultural business owner faces different risks.

Therefore, it’s essential to discuss those operations with an experienced insurance agent who can help determine applicable risks and recommending the best coverage.

A tailor-made policy with the specific coverage you need is the most cost-effective insurance you can buy.

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