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Working farms are unique properties that are both rural properties and also businesses. As such, businesses require farm insurance that provides certain risk-specific and business coverages to adequately protect the operation from various types of loss. When looking for the right coverage from a farm insurance firm, farm owners should consider the risks their operation faces and which policies provide the best protection for both the property and the business itself.

Farm Liability Insurance

A farm is a business just like any other. All businesses require sufficient liability coverage to protect them against injuries or other damages to any person not employed by the business in the event of an accident. Liability policies cover farmers against concerns such as a person being injured on the property, someone becoming sick after eating a product sold by the business, and even against incidents that happen offsite, such as at a farmer’s market. All farm insurance contracts should include a suitable liability policy based on the type and size of the operation, what it produces, risk to the public, and a number of other factors.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Agriculture businesses require many employees for a successful operation. Farm work also presents a much higher risk of injury to employees due to the daily handling of animals and various types of dangerous equipment. Standard liability policies that are provided by farm insurance firms do not cover employee medical expenses and lost wages. Workers compensation coverage should be added or purchased as a separate policy to ensure that all employees are appropriately covered in the event of an injury.

Flood Insurance

Like homes and other types of businesses, an agricultural operation can also be severely affected by flooding. Like other insurance policies, flood protection must usually be added onto a farm insurance policy as a rider. This important coverage is crucial in areas where flooding is possible, providing compensation against the devastating damage to buildings and equipment that can occur with flooding. Owners of agricultural properties should get information from local farm insurance firms as to whether their property is in a high-risk zone and see if a flood rider is recommended.

Tornado and Wind Insurance

Open and flat land that is used for crop growing can be particularly susceptible to wind and tornado damage in certain parts of the country. Most standard farm insurance policies cover this risk; however, each property owner should confirm this fact, rather than just assuming they are covered. In the event this coverage is not an part of the standard farm policy, agricultural business owners should consider adding this coverage in areas where a tornado or high winds occur more often than normal.

Crop Insurance

One type of coverage that is unique to agricultural businesses, and a valuable protection against loss, is crop insurance. This coverage protects farmers against crop failure due to drought, flood, or other natural disasters, as well as loss caused by drastic reductions in crop prices.

Every farm and business has different insurance needs based on the operation and the various risks each operation faces. Obtaining the right farm insurance requires analyzing risks with an experienced farm insurance firm, then purchasing the right options. With the proper riders and coverage amounts in place, those who own agricultural businesses can rest assured that should the worst happen, they have the coverage they need to repair and replace and start producing once again!

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