Taking a step away from our normal blogs, today’s post will focus on the exclusions found in Commercial General Liability Insurance in College Station. So often, business owners purchase this type of business insurance policy and assume that all bases are covered; unfortunately, that is not always the case. There are a handful of items not covered under a Commercial General Liability or CGL policy that are important to know to ensure that a company is prepared to handle any of the many risks that are faced in the business world.

More Common Exclusions

Some of the exceptions not covered under a Commercial General Liability Insurance policy are more obvious exclusions:

Don’t get discouraged! Jones & Associates Insurance offers a number of Business Auto, Workers Compensation, and Professional Liability policies to make sure your business is covered.

Specialty Exclusions

This next list of exclusions to a CGL policy are tailored to the more unique needs of companies yet are very important to know. Claims from manufacturer recalls, contract disputes, back taxes, and pollution are not covered with Commercial General Liability Insurance in College Station. In fact, companies who store, transport or use toxic materials in their manufacturing process must purchase a special environmental liability policy. If storage tanks are owned, there must also be insurance to cover potential liability risks as the tanks can leak over time, potentially causing gasoline to contaminate water supplies.

While there are certain common exclusions, Commercial General Liability Insurance in Bryan is still a great shield for any business to be sure that all areas of a business are covered. It is always important for a company to know what risks may or may not be covered.

For those risks identified as not covered by your current Commercial General Liability Insurance, the insurance professionals at Jones & Associates Insurance know how to protect your business assets with the right policies and/or riders. We have been in business since 1967, serving companies large and small all over Texas. Let our business work to protect your business!

You Need To Know What Commercial General Liability Insurance Covers!
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