Driving in the winter can be hazardous if you don’t practice common sense and use good winter driving skills.

You can avoid accidents and the need to call your car insurance provider if you know how to drive carefully on slick, icy, or snowy roads.

Use these driving tips from your car insurance agency so you can get where you’re going safely this winter and avoid getting in an accident.

Practice Common Sense Winter Driving

The most important skill you have for safe winter driving to avoid accidents and needing to call car insurance services afterward is using common sense:

  • Drive Slower on Wet, Icy, or Snow-Covered Roads. - Accept that it will take you longer to get where you’re going so leave yourself enough time.

  • Drive Defensively - Stay alert to the other drivers around you that may not be so skilled at driving on bad roads.

  • If You Don’t Need to Go - Stay Home - Wait until the roads are in better condition. You can’t get into an accident and won’t need to make a claim to your car insurance if you aren’t driving.

Avoid Using the Accelerator or Brake Abruptly

To avoid an accident, it’s essential that you avoid actions that could make your tires lose traction and slip.

Car insurance agencies find that this is the cause of most accidents that happen on icy or snow-covered roads.

Braking too hard can break your traction with the road; accelerating too fast can cause your tires to spin.

Use both pedals gently to start driving forward without slipping, then gradually slow your car down without losing traction.

Go Up and Down Hills Correctly

Although a bit of momentum as you start up an incline will help you get to the top without spinning your tires, don’t try to power up the hill; just pick up a little speed at the bottom and keep going until you crest the hill.

Once you get there, let off the gas and slowly descend the other side; don’t stop going up or you may not be able to get started again.

Increase Your Braking Distance

Car insurance services deal with many winter accidents caused by drivers unable to stop who rear-end someone another vehicle.

Whenever driving on wet, icy, or snowy roads, it’s essential that you increase your stopping distance by at least twice what it would be on dry pavement according to your speed.

Use your brakes gently to slow down gradually so you don’t lose traction and slide into another car or some other object.

Know Your Car

Every car is different when it comes to handling and how it reacts in different driving situations.

Know how your car’s many accessories work, understand the safety features it has and be familiar enough to know what to normally expect in terms of steering, shifting, braking, balance, and more.

Be more than just a passenger with a steering wheel as you carefully pilot your car according to its limits and known behavior in different conditions.

Avoid Car Accidents with Good Winter Driving Skills

When the roads get slippery as the temperatures drop, common sense and defensive driving will keep you safe.

Avoid calls to your car insurance agency and costly claims that could increase your car insurance premiums by practicing these winter good driving skills!

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