Generally speaking, our first thought when the topic of insurance is mentioned is the personal coverage we have on property such as homes or vehicles. We try to find the best rate and coverage, even making detailed lists to ensure that more expensive items are scheduled on our personal insurance policy. It is likewise important to make the same effort when it comes to business property insurance in College Station TX.

The task can seem daunting, especially when taking into account all of the physical and intellectual property a business may possess. If you don’t know where to start with this overwhelming process, following are some tips to help reassess your current business property needs.

Business Property – Owned or Leased?

To start with the basics, let’s first look at where the business is housed. If you own the property and the building where the business operates, chances are you already have insurance. On the other hand, the building or office space is leased, it is important to read the lease to determine who is responsible for coverage. More often than not, the occupant is responsible for business property insurance in Bryan Texas for the office space – especially in the event of an injury or a claim that does not fall under basic coverage for the building structure. If something should occur in a common area, the landlord should be responsible.

Business Property – What Is The Value?

It is also important to have your business property value determined before investing in any type of business insurance policy. The value of the company should also be reassessed periodically to be sure there is adequate coverage. Be sure to keep all receipts for equipment, furniture, or any upgrades to the office space. Photos of the office space, furnishings, and equipment can also help make sure you have scheduled all valuables with your business property insurance in College Station Texas.

Business Property Insurance – Which Type is Best?

You then need to decide which type of property insurance is best for your business. There are two types of insurance policies:

  • All Risk – The business protection that is provided with this type is all-inclusive for all risks unless otherwise specified and stated in the policy.
  • Named Perils – This type of policy type only protects a business from specific events as stated in the policy.

While most companies find that an all-risk policy is typically more beneficial, it has a higher premium than named perils; so it is very important to weigh the differences between the two types if cost is a factor.

We know business owners wear many hats. Let the team at Jones & Associates Insurance handle the task of finding the best business property insurance in Bryan TX for your company. We are also a small business, so we understand what your small business may face. Serving the Brazos Valley for over 40 years, we want to make your business family a part of ours. Call the experts at Jones & Associates Insurance today and let us protect your company assets with business property insurance in College Station today!

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