Business Property Insurance Bryan TXWell, cold weather has arrived, which also means that preventive maintenance season is almost gone when comes to freezing pipes as a residential or business property insurance in Bryan and College Station Texas issue. As minor as a pipe freezing may sound, it can mean enormous damage to your home or business. The broken pipe itself is only a small issue; it’s the water leaking through the ceiling and walls is the big problem that could mean major reconstruction. Before you know it, you are replacing ceilings, drywall, and even appliances and furniture due to water damage. Now that small frozen, broken pipe has become a huge headache.

How Do You Avoid Such A Mess?

Start by being sure you carry residential or business property Insurance in Bryan or College Station TX to cover any unexpected damage that may happen as the temperatures cool down. Next, you want to inspect your pipes and make a list of any that may be at risk of freezing during cold weather months. Pipes typically vulnerable to freezing are those that are outdoors, in unheated areas such as basements or crawlspaces, and in exterior walls. If there are outside pipes for faucets there, be sure to turn the water supply to those outdoor spigots off before freezing weather starts and then drain remaining water from the outdoor faucet.

Required Material to Protect Pipes

Now that you have a list of vulnerable pipes, collect the material needed to wrap pipes to prevent freezing. It is best to wrap pipes with foam pipe insulation or fiberglass. If neither of those items is available, wrap the pipe with a hand cloth and tape the cloth around the pipe. Another great way to prevent pipe freezing is an electrical pipe heating cable, usually found at any hardware store or home center. Just be sure to install it properly according to instructions, as improper use and installation can cause a fire hazard.

Unfortunately, some things are inevitable – and this is where residential or business property insurance in Bryan comes in handy. A lot of things can go wrong when the weather changes and no property is immune to that happening, at least not without some prior work as noted above. Whether the damage comes from freezing pipes or animals seeking a warm place to stay, your residential or business property insurance in College Station is there to give you peace of mind that your property is covered!

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