We’ve all heard the old homeowner’s adage that as soon as you fix one thing, something else breaks. The same can be said of any company’s office and equipment. In our office, the saying is “It’s always something!” Unfortunately, your company is not impervious to the effects of time on a building or equipment and it certainly can’t avoid natural disasters. In fact, with tornado season starting in Texas in April , hopefully you have called the insurance experts at Jones & Associates Insurance to protect your business with business property insurance in Bryan and College Station. Then you can rest assured that you have adequate business insurance to cover your company in times of crisis.

What Is Covered?

What crises does business property insurance cover in Bryan and College Station? This specific type of business insurance protects your company against loss of or physical damage to important assets. This includes any inventory, furniture, computers, machinery, and other property as well as the area in which your company operates. Covered losses include damage from electrical surges, fires, and even embezzlement by an employee when that coverage is specifically written to the policy.

It’s important to know that there are two types of business property insurance in Bryan and College Station, so it is best to find the right one to suit your business needs.

  • Named Perils – This type of policy protects you from losses due to specific named events listed in the policy. Because the covered perils are name, the cost for this type of coverage is lower. The down side is that since it only covers certain incidents, it could cost you exponentially if a non-named event occurs that leaves your business unprotected.
  • All Risk – Just as the name suggests, this policy covers all risks unless otherwise excluded from coverage. Yes, the cost is greater up front; however, this type of policy can actually save you money as it covers so much more than the Named Perils version.

Additional Coverage Options

Along with the two types of business property insurance that are offered, there are additional coverage options available to purchase that will better protect your business.

  • Undamaged Stock Protection – Provides coverage to undamaged goods that cannot be marketed.
  • Data/Records Protection – Covers any loss of records or data.
  • Computer Virus Protection – Insures the loss of any data and business due to a computer virus.
  • Intangibles Coverage – Protects any patents, copyrights, or trademarks that your business owns.
  • Off-Premises Property Protection – Covers company property in locations other than your office location, such as fairs, exhibits, trade shows, or any other remote location where your business is operating with equipment owned by the company.

Business property insurance in Bryan and College Station is the backbone of protection that your company needs to operate without fear of potential loss.

Don’t let another work day go by without calling the insurance professionals at Jones & Associates insurance to find out how affordable business property insurance can be. The money that you spend on this type of insurance will never compare to what you will save in the event of a loss.

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