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Having the right type of insurance is essential to protect those planning a special event from the various liability issues that can arise. Special events insurance is different than most other insurance, including business liability insurance, as it only covers specific perils for specific dates and events. The right insurance policy protects businesses and organizations to ensure a successful event, even if an accident should happen.

What Is Special Event Insurance?

For the best protection of event planners, property owners, event staff, and many others, any scheduled event planned by an organization or business should carry special event insurance. This unique insurance is technically a form of commercial general liability insurance that is specific to a certain planned event and the activities that will happen at that event. This type of liability insurance covers event holders and staff, property owners, and others named in the policy from claims that could be brought against them by those who attend the event if something should happen at the event or on event property.

Why Carry Additional Insurance Coverage?

When an organization or business holds a special event, it typically involves activities that are above and beyond normal business activity. It may involve larger numbers of people and rented properties where the functions are held. Events may also include the need to hire event staff, on-site vendors, as well as having to deal with conditions not normally encountered. Liability risks can increase and regular business liability insurance generally does not cover anything other than normal business activity. To ensure a business or organization has appropriate business liability coverage based on the type of event being held, a special events policy may be required.

What Events Need Special Insurance?

There are many different kinds of events that should be covered by special events insurance and should be provided either by the event holder or the business/organization arranging to host the event. These events can include: weddings; birthday or other parties; corporate meetings or special events; sporting events; car, dog or horse shows and similar events; parades and other celebrations; concerts; fund raising activities; and any other event where a large group of people will be drawn together for a specific purpose.

When obtaining special events insurance, it is essential to consider whether liquor will be served at the event. If so, liquor liability insurance should be added to the policy. Additionally, there are a number of other riders that can be added as a rider to cover exclusions with a special events policy, such as: collapse of temporary structures; seating, fixtures, and glass problems; bodily injury; medical payments; and assault and battery occurring during the event. Naturally, not all of these riders may be necessary at every event; however, when choosing coverage, it is important to consider all the possibilities and then obtain necessary coverage.

Before planning is completed for any kind of event, it is important to consider what kind of special events insurance may be necessary to avoid liability issues. Due to the limitations of general business liability insurance, anyone holding an event should speak to an insurance agent about getting the right liability coverage for a particular event. Accidents do happen, so the best protection that any business or organization can have to protect their event is a good special events liability policy!

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