Business Liability Insurance in College Station Texas

The right business liability insurance is something that every business needs, regardless of its size. Something as seemingly minor and innocent as a customer slipping and falling on business property could turn into a much greater incident if that person is injured. For this reason, all businesses must have an appropriate commercial general liability insurance policy that covers the minor concerns as well as the major ones.

What Is A Slip and Fall Accident?

A slip and fall or slip, trip, and fall accident is when someone slips or trips and then falls while on a business property. These incidents commonly occur when someone trips on sidewalk or carpeting, slips on a floor, trips on an escalator, or otherwise falls on company property. Should an injury occur from a fall, that person may be entitled to file a personal injury claim against the business owner’s commercial general liability insurance. If the business owner is found to be liable for what caused the fall, a claimant can receive reimbursement through the company’s business liability insurance policy for any medical bills or other compensable damages.

Who Is Liable In Slip and Fall Accidents?

When slip and fall accidents occur, it is not automatically assumed that the business owner is liable and their business liability insurance policy will pay for damages. The person who fell and was injured must first prove the business owner was negligent or caused the accident to happen. Most of these instances are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Liability is proven by determining whether the cause of the fall was due to some kind of danger on the property, what that danger was, and whether or not the business owner knew about it or failed to take measures to prevent the danger.

Considering the fact that when accidents happen, there may be circumstances when the injured party could have avoided their fall or is otherwise responsible, differentiating between negligence and unforeseeable circumstances can become complicated.

Coverage Details About Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip, trip, and fall claims are covered under the property liability portion of a commercial general liability insurance policy. According to these policies, negligence on the part of the business owner must be proven by illustrating how the owner’s failure to provide a safe environment caused the accident. At the same time, there may be different or multiple parties responsible if some kind of negligence is proven.

This is the case when a business leases their property from a different owner. Under these instances, responsibility may belong to either the tenant or the property owner, depending on which party had the responsibility to keep the area safe.

Slip and fall accidents are usually a standard peril covered under most commercial general liability insurance policies. Business owners should still confirm that their policy does provides this coverage and if not, it should be added. People make mistakes and oversights every day. To prevent unintentionally causing someone to be injured, business owners should discuss how to prevent slip and fall accidents with their business liability insurance provider!

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