Ocean Marine Insurance

Land or sea, rig or boat, work or play, ocean marine insurance in Bryan and College Station Texas can cover a number items that are being shipped whether commercial or personal.  Travel of any type, including across an ocean or across a continent, can bring a number of new risks to property and to the carrying vessel.

Although originally designed to protect cargo being carried in ocean-going vessel, ocean marine insurance in Bryan TX now covers inland transportation such as airplanes and other large land vessels.  The property being carried is protected as is damage to the vessel caused by the carried property; it also covers any injuries incurred by the transportation of said property.

Why choose Jones & Associates to design an ocean marine insurance in College Station TX policy for me?

  • We find coverage that is affordable to you!
  • We know the insurance business and know how to handle ocean marine insurance!
  • If your property cannot come to us – we will go to your property to write a policy!

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