Business Equipment Insurance

Business equipment insurance in Bryan and College Station TX is a separate coverage and policy from business property insurance; it is designed to cover the financial losses that can occur when business equipment breaks down.  Sometimes equipment cannot be immediately repaired – so productive work time is lost as is the revenue that could have otherwise been generated.

Business property insurance can be designed to cover the physical equipment – but it is not intended to cover the extra cost to expedite parts being shipped so repairs can be done or to compensate for any lost productivity.  That is why any business with expensive equipment that is vital to its operation is encouraged to purchase business equipment insurance in Bryan TX.

Why should I use Jones & Associates to provide me with business equipment insurance in College Station TX?

  • Your business won’t miss a minute of productivity with business equipment insurance!
  • We know how to design a policy to cover the break-down of expensive equipment!
  • We know that property insurance doesn’t cover every loss aspect – and how to avoid that!

We work with businesses of all types, from ranchers to real estate; no matter what your business is, you have equipment that needs coverage in case of a breakdown. We can provide you with policies to protect such potential losses. Jones & Associates is ready to help you find the business equipment insurance in Bryan and College Station that you need – call us at (979) 776-4740 today!

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