Builders Risk Insurance

A number of issues can come up in the world of construction – accidents, delays, and injury are just a few of the problems that can put your company at risk. Protect your supplies, your employees and your building during the course of construction with builders risk insurance.

Builders risk insurance covers any building, the materials being used, and the equipment used for such construction especially when left at the work site from different types of losses that can occur.  Failure to purchase such insurance could leave a construction company facing a huge loss of revenue should an event occur to damage the above.

What can Jones & Associates provide to your construction business with builders risk insurance?

  • Affordable coverage as a safeguard against expensive accidents!
  • We know it’s  hard to leave that construction site – we can come to you to finalize the policy!
  • We know insurance – and we now how to protect you with builders risk insurance!

We know your time is valuable – to better serve you, our local agents can come to you in College Station or Bryan. Don’t start construction without builders risk insurance – call Jones & Associates at (979) 776-4740 today!

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