Property refers to anything that belongs to someone and may be either physical or intangible.  Physical property would include buildings, content within a building, cars, and many more physical items.  Intangible property is something that is owned by someone but does not have actual shape or form, such as an estate, a copyright or trademark, and intellectual property.

In the realm of insurance, there are two types of property:  personal and business.  Both categories include personal property (moveable) and real property (unmovable); personal property is usually owned by an individual for person use while business property is owned by some group or company.

Commercial property insurance can cover a wide range of things from inventory to equipment. You may own a small B&B or a big real estate office; whatever your business, Jones & Associates offer a number of different policies that can be tailored to cover your property from the risk of damage or loss!

Why choose Jones & Associates to handle coverage for your commercial property?

  • We understand the value of your property – and will see that it is properly covered!
  • We have over 40 years of experience protecting business assets for our clients!
  • We service commercial property policies all over Texas!

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