Professional Liability Insurance

As a professional, you have studied and mastered specific skills in your area of expertise through training and experience. You and your work product are held to a higher standard because of such an experienced background and could find yourself in the middle of a lawsuit if a customer feels that you have not met that standard because of errors and omissions – which is why you need professional liability insurance in Bryan and College Station Texas.

Professional liability insurance in Bryan TX is a broader term for what is often call E&O insurance.  It protects you and your business assets from any claims brought as a result of your professional knowledge in a particular area that has resulted in a civil lawsuit being filed.

Negligence in any shape or form, whether intentional or unintentional, can ruin a business and good name. Don’t let carelessness leave you uninsured when facing a Professional Liability lawsuit. Jones & Associates can build the right professional liability insurance in College Station TX to suit your particular profession.

Why should you choose Jones & Associates for professional liability insurance?

  • You need to be safeguarded against problems caused by any errors and omissions on your part!
  • You need your best interest protected no matter what your intentions were!
  • We have insurance specialists that can assemble excellent coverage to suit your needs!

Call Jones & Associates at (979) 776-4740 or make a quick trip to our office in Bryan or College Station and shield your business from the devastation of a liability lawsuit. Make an appointment today with Jones & Associates to safeguard your business with professional liability insurance in Bryan and College Station!

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