Garage Keepers Liability Insurance

The needs of the owner of a garage that conducts any type of vehicle work is different from just a business general liability policy.  It usually requires carrying a garage keepers liability insurance policy in Bryan and College Station Texas to protect a customer’s car that is being repaired or simply one that is parked on your business’ property.

One of the differences in this policy as opposed to general liability is that the vehicle must be in the “care, custody, and control” of the garage.  Garage keepers liability insurance in Bryan TX is indeed very unique and needs the help of an insurance agency experienced in tailoring this policy to meet specific needs.

Fear not, Jones & Associates can have garage keepers liability insurance in College Station TX built to safeguard your business from any loss of a customer’s vehicle. From car dealers to valet services, we can make sure you are appropriately covered – and we aren’t far away from your location whether in Bryan or College Station!

What can Jones & Associates do for  you with a tailored garage keepers liability insurance policy?

  • Protect your customers vehicles from any type of potential loss!
  • Mold a policy to defend you and your business from most risks of doing business!
  • Be sure that when accidents happen, your business won’t have to foot the bill!

Call Jones & Associates today at (979) 776-4740 – and get them working on garage keepers liability insurance in Bryan or College Station for you!

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