As technology have advanced, internet speeds have become faster, and just about every aspect of our life is now digital, including the way we search for a personal or business insurance agency. These changes also affect everything from dating to applying for a job. Applying for a job via a smart phone application has recently taken a new turn. If you haven’t heard about the latest in job applications, it is definitely changing the game in the job search, and you may find that it is similar to another popular application.

What is “Switch?”

A new app called Switch is making quite a stir as the newest way to find a job where where employing businesses are also looking for you. Much like the popular dating app “Tinder,” Switch allows job seekers to search for potential matches by swiping right if they are interested and left if they are not. Hiring managers complete the same action. For candidates with resume that appeal to a manager, a quick swipe to the right and a corresponding right swipe from the candidate can put the two parties in touch.

Applying For A Job Can Be Fun With Switch!

Not only is this new phenomenon a much faster form of a job application, it also puts the applicant right in front of the hiring manager. Many applicants go through the tedious process of applying for a job and never hear back regarding their application, causing them to wonder if their submission was even seen, which can be quite discouraging. With Switch, applying for a job is much more appealing than a tiresome headache.

Switch Can End A Frustrating Process!

Switch may soon be the end-all to what used to be a frustrating process, as it eliminates the tedious task of cover letters to companies and connecting interested parties. This app may still be quite new; however, large corporations like eBay, Amazon, and Wal-Mart utilize the brilliance of Switch, there is no doubt big and small companies will both follow suit.

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