Bed & Breakfast Insurance

Bed & Breakfast establishments are unique businesses that can offer a wonderful opportunity to its guests – and a nightmare when looking for bed & breakfast insurance in Bryan or College Station Texas.  In many cases, placing a commercial venture in a home setting presents insurance problems – insure as a home, a business – or both?  Not an easy thing to do for an insurance company.  So what choices are there for bed & breakfast insurance in Bryan TX?

  • Insure as a home – and add riders to cover the B&B part!
  • Look to a non-admitted insurance carrier!
  • Find a standard carrier – and maybe pay higher premiums!

At Jones & Associates, we pride ourselves on the unique policies we can offer as Bed & Breakfast insurance in College Station TX. We have policies designed specifically for a small business B&B and as a small business, we understand how you operate. Why should you let us take care of you and your guests?

  • We specialize in providing Bed & Breakfast insurance in Bryan and College Station TX!
  • We are here to help you recover quickly if disaster strikes!
  • We want you to take care of your guests – we will take care of you!

Call Jones & Associates at (979) 776-4740 and let us cover your unique Bed & Breakfast business!

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