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Texas insurance laws require that all vehicles driven on the roads be covered by automobile insurance. Vehicles used for business purposes must be covered by business auto insurance, which differs from personal auto insurance in a variety of ways. Although personal vehicles can be used for business purposes and vice-versa, business insurance requirements and how the vehicle is used affects insurance rates and coverage as well as the ability to file claims in the event of an accident. Business owners should discuss their commercial vehicles and how these vehicles are used with a business insurance carrier to be sure they purchase the correct business auto insurance coverage.

Commercial Auto Insurance in Texas

Like most other states, Texas has specific laws pertaining to the commercial use of vehicles and how these vehicles must be insured. It is a law that vehicles must be covered by liability insurance regardless of whether that vehicle is personally owned or owned and used by a business. Yet commercial insurance for business vehicles differs in various ways from personal insurance; vehicles used improperly can put both the vehicle and business owner at risk.

Important Details About Commercial Auto Insurance

Vehicles used for business purposes must carry commercial or business auto insurance because liability is different for businesses than it is for individuals. Most significantly, business owners are required to carry higher amounts of auto liability insurance than individuals; these amounts may differ, based on the intended usage of a business vehicle. In addition, because business vehicles can face greater risks than personal vehicles and businesses must abide by specific business insurance laws, any vehicle being used for commercial purposes must be covered under a business insurance plan. Claims made to a personal auto policy for a vehicle being used for business purposes may be denied, leaving the involved business without coverage and at legal and financial risk.

What Vehicles Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

Any vehicle used for any type of business activity must be insured under a commercial or business auto insurance policy. This includes obvious vehicle usage such as:  carrier and delivery trucks; taxi cabs, limousines, or ground transport vehicles; and construction and work vehicles. Less obvious business vehicle usage that must be covered by business insurance include: messenger vehicles; pizza and other local delivery vehicles; snowplow vehicles used to generate income; and any vehicle registered to a business or used in any way for business purposes. Failure to insure a vehicle being used for any business purpose under a commercial auto policy is a risk to the business itself, especially small businesses that could go out of business if a liability claim is denied.

Any commercial operation in Texas must clearly understand that vehicles used by a business for any reason must be covered under business auto insurance. This specific type of insurance offers the protection necessary to keep a company out of legal trouble and covers their liability in the event a commercial vehicle is involved in some type of accident. To learn more about what type of insurance a company requires for its vehicles, contact an experienced business insurance or business auto insurance agent to discuss specific needs to get the right coverage for your company vehicles!

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