When natural disasters strike, they affect everyone in their path including businesses.

Even though you have insurance to cover your business, it is still vital that you develop a business disaster plan to keep people safe as well as reduce the amount of damage suffered in a disaster.

Use these tips to disaster-proof your business so that if your company is hit by a disaster, you can quickly get things up and running again and get back to doing business as soon as possible!

Protect Your People

Most business insurance services advise that when preparing for the possibility of a natural disaster, you should above all have a plan to keep employees and/or customers safe in the following ways:

  • Create an evacuation plan and train your staff to use it.
  • Keep your buildings clean and safe as well as equipped with emergency lighting and EXIT signs.
  • Appoint safety monitors to help execute the disaster plan and get everyone to safety.

People are the greatest asset of any business, so they should always be the primary focus in any disaster.

Protect Your Data

Disaster planning for business data is something that begins long before any disaster occurs.

While your business property insurance may provide benefits that cover damages due to loss of business data, the better approach is to protect it via backups, off-site storage, and duplication so everything you need is still there once you’ve replaced the hardware.

Back up all financial records, employee, customer and client data, vendor and supplier information, and all other information that your company requires to keep running smoothly.

Include a list of your contractors in this data so you can make arrangements quickly to start repairing or rebuilding once the damage has been assessed by your insurance company.

Protect Your Property

Business property insurance exists to reimburse you for the physical damage to buildings, equipment, inventory, and supplies.

Discuss your needs for protecting these assets with your business insurance agency so you can be reimbursed after the fact and get the company working again.

Keep an up-to-date inventory of all business property to reduce uncovered losses and regularly review coverage limitations to ensure your plan will pay enough for you to replace the property that ends up damaged in the disaster. 

Have A Business Continuity Plan

One of the more difficult parts of recovering from a natural disaster is actually getting the business running again so you can bring in income once more.

For this reason, business insurance services tell their clients that it is essential to develop an effective continuity plan that includes finding a secondary location if necessary, leasing equipment until yours is repaired or replaced, and other similar considerations.

Additionally, a continuity plan should include funding to keep paying employees and covering other payments to prevent the company from falling into financial problems.

All of this can be written into a skillfully-crafted business insurance plan.

Plan For Business Disasters

After all the hard work you’ve put into your company, the last thing you need is to see it all destroyed by a natural disaster.

An effective business insurance policy is critical to your company’s survival; however, it’s only one part of a good disaster preparedness plan.

Create a disaster plan that protects all of your assets, especially people, as thoroughly as possible so you can quickly regroup, get things moving once more, and get back to business!

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