As a business owner, commercial insurance is the best way to protect both your property and livelihood.

Among the different policies offered, business liability insurance is the one that protects against damages claimed by others for which your company is liable.

Does a commercial general liability policy include fire legal liability coverage?

Though it may be packaged in with some policies sold by business insurance services, don’t automatically assume it is.

Be sure to have this critical coverage if your company rents commercial space anywhere or shares spaces with other companies.

What Is Fire Legal Liability Insurance?

Fire legal liability insurance is a type of business liability insurance designed to protect companies in the event that a fire happens and the company or an employee are found liable.

A fire can be highly damaging and costly, leaving a wake of destruction in its path.

It can also affect nearby companies or entities other than those that sustained direct damage to their facility and property.

This can create a complicated situation where business insurance policies may or may not cover all the damage depending on which party is found liable.

If a company is found liable and the policy does not explicitly cover at-fault damage sustained by another party such as a landlord or adjoining business, a big claim may be filed against your commercial insurance that will not cover or pay for the damages.

How Does Fire Legal Liability Insurance Protect You?

Fire legal liability coverage sold by business insurance services protects you if found liable for a fire that destroys someone else’s property.

If the building you rent burns and your company is found negligent, the owner of the building is entitled to claim that damage against your business insurance policy.

Similarly, if that same fire damages or destroys adjoining commercial buildings, the owners of those buildings can also file a claim against your company for any resulting damage.

Accidents unfortunately do happen; however, someone is still going to be found liable which is why this essential fire coverage protects your company from that liability, paying benefits to all other involved parties.

The Critical Need For Fire Legal Liability Insurance

If you rent or share your building or facility and perhaps even share a wall with other buildings, fire legal liability is critical liability protection every company needs.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that a standard business liability insurance policy will cover all the damages from a fire if you are found liable.

Some policies may include fire legal liability protection; however, many do not and need to have this coverage added separately.

Fire legal liability insurance is also beneficial if a lease specifically states that by signing, you are accepting full responsibility for any fire damage regardless of who is liable.

It will cover fires due to lightning strikes, natural disasters, and other causes that may not be anyone’s fault.

Add Fire Legal Liability Protection Insurance Today

Commercial general liability insurance is an essential coverage that every company owner needs to protect themselves and their company from accidental liability.

To ensure your company is totally protected against damage claims due to fire, make sure your business insurance also includes fire liability insurance.

Call an experienced business insurance company today to have this extra protection added to your liability coverage today!

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