These days, we all look for the easiest way to go about our daily routine, whether it’s ordering cleaning supplies and toiletries online, avoiding the grocery store, or having food delivered to avoid having to cook. Everyone is looking for the easier, faster way to get things done; by default, this means more and more businesses are offering delivery services to give a unique appeal to their brand. For those companies who are offering such an incentive to their customers, here are a few tips and reminders to keep delivery service and drivers insured.

Food Delivery Insurance Issues

Food delivery isn’t just for big chain restaurants anymore; instead, it is becoming more common among the smaller eateries. For the smaller restaurants, a hefty business auto insurance policy can be daunting and draining on fluctuating sales and profits, which is why many small business eateries often choose to do without such coverage.

By forgoing a business auto insurance policy for their companies, many restaurateurs are leaving their drivers and themselves vulnerable for a lawsuit if an untimely accident is caused by one of their delivery employees. Here’s the good news for small business restaurant owners: having business auto coverage doesn’t always require purchasing a separate policy. Most Commercial General Liability policies will allow you to add what is called a Hired/Non-Owned endorsement to your policy to provide coverage to non-owned vehicles in use for business purposes.

As it states, this endorsement covers hired autos, which might include a rented vehicle as well as non-owned vehicles and typically applies to the vehicles employees use for business purposes.

Owned Business Vehicles

Businesses that purchase vehicles specifically for business usage cannot use a Hired/Non-Owned endorsement to a Commercial General Liability policy. In this case, business auto insurance policy is absolutely necessary. Whether one vehicle or many, vehicles owned by a company must be covered by a business auto insurance policy for coverage to apply to any company vehicles and drivers. Remember, it is very important that you list all employees who may operate company cars.

If your company has owned vehicles and allows employees to use personal cars for business-related errands and deliveries as well, you need a business auto insurance policy with Hired/Non-Owned coverage added by an endorsement. This will provide a complete policy with coverage for all of the delivery scenarios that may arise with your company.

If you are a business owner and operate a company vehicle for personal use, only one business auto insurance policy is needed to cover such usage. Just be sure to notify your agent of which vehicle you use as a personal vehicle so that proper rating can be applied and quotes given.

Your business faces liability in many different ways, quite often when driving an owned or non-owned car on company business. Don’t leave yourself and your employees unprotected and vulnerable without proper business auto insurance coverage. Call the experienced insurance professionals at Jones & Associates today and let us find the best business auto insurance coverage for your company’s needs.

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