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When a natural disaster strikes, businesses can be severely affected. The main priority is getting the company back up and running so they can resume normal activities as quickly as possible. Besides having the right property insurance, business owners can reduce their downtime and losses by having a preparedness plan in place should a natural disaster occur. A well-thought-out recovery plan, along with a good insurance policy, means activities will be resume sooner, rather than later.

Have A Personnel Safety Plan in Place

Losses relating to a natural disaster are never a good thing; however, physical items and structures are all replaceable, which is the purpose of business insurance. Yet protecting employees and people is completely different and should always take priority during a catastrophe.

All companies should have a safety plan in place for employees to follow should a natural disaster occur during work hours. When setting up a plan, evaluate and mark all emergency exits and alert employees of their location. Install emergency lighting that will turn on automatically should the power go out to avoid injuries and facilitate clearing the building. Assign specific safety and emergency zones within the establishment and ensure they are accessible, clear, and appropriately stocked with necessities. Create a plan of action based on various crises and designate certain workers as safety monitors to assist others in the building should a  catastrophe or another disaster occur.

Secure Building Assets Ahead of Time

The most important protection for any company in the face of a natural disaster is having the right insurance policy in place. Business owners can still reduce, or even prevent, losses in the event of any calamities by giving a little forethought to the protection of their assets.

Begin by creating and maintaining a current list of all company items and equipment. Always keep stock and supply inventories up-to-date. Store any video records or inventory data off company premises for safekeeping and update them frequently. Back up all digital data regularly and store offsite. Make sure that a data disaster and business continuity plan are in place. Research locations that could temporarily house the company should any type of tragedy occur that affects the building.

Additionally, owners should discuss risk mitigation with a qualified contractor and make necessary property improvements. By securing the property to make it more resilient against potential damage, losses can be reduced. These types of improvements may also reduce the premiums of business property insurance as well.

Plan for Continuity

Getting through a disaster is only one part of the equation. Business owners should also have a continuity plan in place that will help them get things running again as smoothly as possible. Keep essential contact information such as local contractors who respond to emergencies, important vendor and customer contacts, employee phone numbers, and business insurance company contacts handy. Create a financial budget for getting through periods of downtime. Create a plan of action for resuming activities once it is possible to continue basic company operations.

Business insurance companies know that dealing with a natural disaster is never easy. The best way for owners to protect their businesses against unnecessary or prolonged loss is to prepare ahead of time. Besides having the right types and amounts of property insurance coverage, owners can minimize loss and increase safety with effective planning for any type of misfortune. By assuming that a catastrophe could happen, a plan for these emergencies can make the difference between a total loss and being able to resume activies as quickly and seamlessly as possible!

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