If you are like most Americans, you have made some sort of New Year’s Resolution – and like most Americans, you have probably already given up on it! There is one resolution that should be easy to keep – checking your business insurance in College Station Texas to ensure you are properly covered. Every year, businesses make adjustments and improvements, changes that you should have your business insurance agency in College Station Texas be sure are adjusted accordingly in your business insurance policy. Following are a few reminders about potential changes that may need to be updated.

  • Gross Sales and Payroll Changes – The first element that comes to mind when thinking about business changes is gross sales and payroll. These factors can affect business insurance in College Station TX in a big way. The numbers are not only important for accounting purposes; they also play a large part in determining the amount of risk exposure that a business may face.

  • Personal Business Property – Another common business change is the property owned by a business that is used to operate. It is everything other than the physical property in which a company is located and is often called contents. Whether it is a new computer for the latest hire, a printer to replace a broken one, or new furniture for a fresh office space, it is important to remember to add these items to personal business property limits with your insurance company in College Station Texas. Some personal business property items may need to be specifically scheduled or listed and insured separately; the cost of others can simply be added to the overall business property limit. It is best to document all such business property to ensure it is covered by adequate business insurance coverage.

  • Adding Additional Services – Last but not least, a company may change and grow by adding additional services to their resume. Even if the new business services are similar to those already listed on a business insurance policy, they might be coded differently, which could affect policy coverage and premium. Although no one wants to pay more in premiums for business insurance in College Station, if unreported, it could also mean the business is not covered for any damages or injuries arising from the services not listed on the policy.

As your business grows and changes, it is important to ensure that your business insurance is up-to-date. When you need the best business insurance agency in College Station Texas to help with this, call Jones & Associates and let our insurance professionals assist you in making sure your business is properly covered. Contact one of the top business insurance companies in College Station TX today – and let the experienced insurance team at Jones & Associates update your business insurance in College Station TX!

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