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Bed and Breakfasts or B&B's have become an extremely popular and lucrative type of business. Offering a getaway with the comforts of home and full service, many enthusiastic entrepreneurs have opened their homes to guests in recent years, and reaped the benefits. One important topic that owners must consider when doing this is business insurance, since a Bed and Breakfast is different than many other types of businesses. For the best coverage in all situations, B&B owners need specific Bed and Breakfast insurance to protect themselves, and their guests.

Not Just A House

Although a Bed and Breakfast is located within a house, once those doors are opened to offer lodging and services to others, it becomes business property. The significance is that normal homeowners insurance no longer covers Bed and Breakfast properties. B&B owners relying on their homeowners insurance or some type of business insurance leave themselves at risk to liabilities that fall outside of their homeowners insurance coverage that is written to cover home property for personal use. While these residences are not considered to be actual Inns which are a business, B&B properties are no longer just homes and require a special Bed and Breakfast insurance policy.

Not Just A Business

Another important consideration when thinking about Bed and Breakfast insurance is how these establishments are not just a business. They are first a home for owner and also a home where business is conducted with the customers that come and stay. Rather than offering products or business services, this business provides lodging, food service, and may serve alcohol, which adds additional layers of complexity to the insurance question. While creating a lovely business opportunity for the homeowner, all of these various features put a business property in a unique category for insurance purposes, requiring more than just the basic homeowners or business policy.

The Uniqueness of Bed and Breakfast Insurance

A Bed and Breakfast business requires a general commercial business insurance policy that meets some specific needs. Still, homeowners continue to require personal insurance to cover their home and their personal belongings as well as liability that is not business related. At the same time, they also need business insurance to cover anything and everything related to the business side of things, including liability, property damage, and other types of coverage like loss of income and even weather-related perils. Due to the complexity of providing the right coverage for a B&B, many insurance companies just avoid selling Bed and Breakfast insurance.

There is a fine line between the personal and commercial business insurance that a Bed and Breakfast establishment must carry. To provide all necessary coverage in the appropriate ways and avoid denied claims due to improper insurance, B&B owners need to discuss their specific establishments with an insurer who is experienced with Bed and Breakfast insurance policies. With the right policy, a B&B owner can rest assured that no matter what might happen, they are covered!

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