Independence Day is just around the corner and that means fireworks, burgers, and families celebrating. As the company events and country club bashes draw nearer, there are still some last minute details that your business may need to iron out. Here are some ideas and safety tips to keep your guests safe and your explosions up in the air and not in the party.

  • The first thing to think about, and probably the most important, is hydration. Texas heat and humidity can sneak up on you, so it is very important to keep guests well hydrated. Be sure to double the number of water stations you plan on having and make sure they are set up apart from other beverage stations so that everyone can get water quickly without waiting in a long line. This is especially important if you are serving adult beverages at your company party.

  • The second thing on our list is to remember fire extinguishers. Even though our Texas grass has seen quite a bit of rain recently, there is still the chance that a stray spark from fireworks could start a grass fire. If you are setting off your own fireworks at your July 4th event, be sure to have plenty of fire extinguishers readily available. This will also provide additional defense against a grill fire in the event that your grill gets out of hand.

  • Speaking of grills, be sure your grilling area is set off and restricted to prevent small children from approaching the hot grill. Whether your July 4th event is a country club party or a company sponsored event, large crowds can mean lots of kids and distracted parents. So it is important to restrict such hazards, which also includes your firework launch station. Gate these areas off with a barrier that is at least four feet high and the rails narrow enough that young explorers can’t crawl through.

  • The final task to cross off your list is the food being served. While you have probably already planned for the aesthetics of your table, have you thought about preservation? Texas heat isn’t kind to perishables, so at any personal or business function, keep side dishes such as potato salad or any dish with a dairy product on ice. This will keep your food fresher and prevent food poisoning from spoiled side dishes.

If you are responsible for your company’s July 4th celebration, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the festivities as well. Prepare your July 4th event with these tips and enjoy the fruits of your labor. For more information on protecting your company events, call the insurance professionals at Jones & Associates Insurance and let us protect your business with Commercial General Liability Insurance and ask how we can cover your company events on your Commercial General Liability policy.

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