With all the improvements in technology, cyber threats should be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, the hackers are also keeping up with progress and breaking through new security measures put into place to prevent such attacks. Even a small business can be vulnerable to a security breach that could prove detrimental to their company without the proper protection. Today, cyber protection can be endorsed on most commercial general liability insurance policies if your business insurance coverage does not already offer include this with the policy.

You protect your business in so many other ways, don’t leave it susceptible to cyber attacks when protection through your business insurance company is just a phone call away. If your company has any of the following tools, it is crucial to protect them with cyber coverage through your commercial general liability insurance.

  • Business Records - Most businesses keep records of their clients' information. This could include names, addresses, phone numbers, and other specific information connected to each individual. If you have records such as this on a database, you should protect them against any possible exposure. If your database of client records includes confidential information, such as social security numbers or payment information, it is especially important that you talk to your insurance company about protecting it with a cyber coverage endorsement on your commercial general liability insurance policy.
  • Personal Mobile Devices - Most companies, big or small, have employees who use personal devices, such as a phone, tablet, or laptop, to conduct business. While these personal devices may not contain client information or confidential business information, if they have access to company email or any company systems, they could be used to hack into and steal confidential information. Because these personal items are often lost or stolen, this could expose your business to a cyber attack.
  • Email - Your company email could be at risk for a cyber liability claim. Email often contains private information; when it is accessible from almost anywhere, the chances of your company email being hacked is high. You could also be at risk if an employee for any reason sends an email containing private customer information to someone who should not have access to that information.

Most business owners don't think they are at risk for a cyber liability claim; however, the reality is that if your company uses the tools most people need to operate daily, then you are at risk. Cyber liability coverage is incredibly affordable and can be added to most commercial general liability insurance policies. Before you rule out this coverage for your business, be sure to ask yourself if you are using personal devices for work or if you have a company email. If you answer yes to either one, you need to call the insurance professionals at Jones & Associates Insurance and ask about adding cyber liability coverage to your business insurance policy!

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