You see them every day – commercials about working from home and earning a great living. Companies such as Scentsy and Avon are definitely popular for self-employment. People earn a living running a home-based day care or selling homemade items or refinished furniture, etc. From Mary Kay to eBay, people everywhere are finding ways to work at home; however, is their business protected from accidents or theft? Simply because one is running a business from home does not mean that any physical item used for the business is covered under a homeowner’s insurance policy. It is important to know that a home-based business needs its own business insurance.

Protecting Physical Property

Many home-based business owners can correctly use expenses such as computers, furniture, and inventory on personal taxes under Schedule C of their Form 1040. Although the IRS always them to be used on Schedule C of a personal return, that does not make such items covered under a homeowner’s insurance policy. Personal and business property may be under the same roof; however, it has always been very clear that they cannot share the same insurance policy coverage. Thankfully, business insurancecan be tailored to fit every business need at any level of coverage needed.

Liability Coverage

Physical property is not the only thing that needs to be protected by business insurance. It is equally important to purchase coverage for lost income, lost data, and liability risks. Liability coverage is especially important if an unfortunate accident were to occur in a home day care or when a client visited a home-based business. A homeowner’s insurance policy will not protect this type of business from a liability claim.

We know that as the owner of a home-based business, your funds and time are limited. That should not make the cost to protect your company with business insurance out of reach. The insurance experts at Jones & Associates Insurance are here to help you find the best policy to fit your needs and budget. Call our insurance professionals today and let us help ensure that your business remains safe and secure!

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