While it is an absolute must that every business should have business insurance in Texas, there are some additional steps that companies can take to strengthen their insurance policy. These extra safety measures will not only further protect your business; they could also earn your business a discount on your Bryan Texas business insurance premium. Here are three easy safety measures that you can easily take to better protect your employees and your business.

Stocked First Aid Kit

The first safety suggestion is an easy and probably obvious one – equip your office or work location with a well-stocked first aid kit. Even if your office already has a first aid kit, it is important to check it and make sure it is well stocked with the various medical supplies that your office uses the most such as Band-Aids. In addition to a first aid kit and adequate insurance to cover your business in College Station, your office should have safety posters with instructions for the Heimlich maneuver and CPR. In the heat of an emergency, an easily accessible first aid kit or a predominantly placed safety poster could be life saving.

In-Place Safety Policy

Our second safety suggestion to protect your company and potentially pay a lower premium the insurance covering your business in Bryan Texas is to institute a safety policy. Naturally, every business has different procedures and different safety concerns but each business should have a safety policy outlining how employees are expected to maintain a safe workplace, what steps they should take to avoid accidents, and what exactly to do in the event of an accident. Such a policy can help lessen the likelihood of an accident and a claim against your business insurance policy.

Working Fire Extinguisher

The final safety suggestion is to supply each office or work location with a fire extinguisher. This is another sometimes overlooked safety tip that if not checked regularly, that trusted fire extinguisher might not be readily available because it is faulty or expired. In addition, it is important to remember that your business is not just contained in your office; it extends to your company job sites and company vehicles. Be sure that every job site and every company owned vehicle is protected with the best business insurance in College Station as well as has access to a working fire extinguisher.

These simple safety measures could prove quite essential in a time of crisis. Don’t let your business be the victim of unpreparedness. Guard your company against the unexpected events that can happen by having adequate safety measures in place to be sure that your employees are protected. When you are looking for the best business insurance agency in Bryan and College Station TX, call the insurance experts at Jones & Associates today. Let them examine your current business insurance policy to be sure you and your employees are protected. Let our business protect your business!

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