Whether on a personal or business level, many people have been affected by hackers stealing personal information. The theft of such personal information can lead to identity theft, major debt, and a huge mess. For businesses, theft of client information can be disastrous to a company – both in cost and in lost customers. Major companies like Target, eBay, and Neiman Marcus have several forms of security in place to protect databases containing customer information, yet each of them were hit by a major data breach. Don’t be misled – studies show that 72 percent of analyzed data breaches occur at companies with less than 100 employees. Most small businesses need a data breach endorsement on their business insurance policies to safeguard them in the unfortunate event of a cyber attack.

Data Breaches

It is important to point out that coverage for a data breach is not included in a standard business insurance policy; however, this endorsement can be easily added to that policy for a modest cost. This is a small price to avoid the cost of stolen customer information. Related costs may include funds to indemnify victims for identity theft losses, data restoration expenses, business interruption and crisis management, etc. This long list of expenses could bankrupt a small business without the added protection of a data breach endorsement.

Data Breach Endorsement

You may think that your company data is properly protected; you need to realize that your business may be only moments away from a cyber attack. Does your business have employees that work from home, receive company emails on their phone, or travel for work with a company laptop? A misplaced or lost phone or laptop is a quick and easy way for hackers to break in without a password. This is simply one example of the many ways in which a cyber thief can access a company’s private information. Without the proper data breach endorsement on a business insurance policy and a company could face serious financial consequences.

The loss of valuable data is becoming more and more common. It is time to take action by protecting your customers, and your business, with a data breach endorsement on your business insurancepolicy. The professionals at Jones & Associates Insurance are ready to help protect your business with an affordable endorsement. Don’t let your customers become just another data breach statistic. Call the experts at Jones & Associates Insurance today. They can ensure that your business and customers are properly covered with the addition of a data breach endorsement on your current business insurance policy!

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