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Equipment breakdown can be a costly liability that slows down a company’s productivity and reduces profits. Whether your business uses heavy machinery, office equipment, or any other apparatus, a business equipment insurance policy can come to the rescue when you need it most.

These type of policies are sold by most business equipment insurance agencies and provide essential coverage that standard policies do not. Business equipment insurance services offer you breakdown policy protection so you can recover any losses due to equipment problems and get your machines up and running again.

What Is Business Equipment Breakdown Insurance?

Insurance coverage for business equipment breakdown protects covered machinery from damage or losses caused by a covered peril. Business equipment insurance protects any owned or leased machinery used by a company. It usually includes damage to the equipment itself, as well as any issues that result from that failure.

Policies sold by business equipment insurance services provide coverage for losses that are usually excluded from standard commercial insurance. They typically include losses due to mechanical breakdowns, electrical problems, and boiler explosions.

What Type of Equipment and Breakdowns Are Covered?

The equipment breakdown policies sold by business equipment insurance agencies cover a number of things. They protect machinery and devices from included perils, along with any property damage caused by equipment breakdowns. Should something happen, both the machines and building can be repaired and/or replaced. Loss of goods or supplies that immediately result from a breakdown will also be reimbursed.

Following are four standard categories of equipment covered by business equipment insurance:

  1. Vacuum Machinery and Pressure Vessels - Boilers/hot water heaters, pressurized tanks, vacuum pumps, steam cookers, autoclaves, and more.  
  2. Mechanical and Electrical  - Production line machinery, compressors, generators, electrical panels, circuit breakers, HVAC, freezers, ovens, and more.
  3. Communication and Computer Devices - Computer, phone, security, and fire alarm systems and more.
  4. Utility-Owned Items - Items listed above that are owned by a utility company and set up at a business.

Covered breakdowns of the above items include failure of pressure or vacuum systems, electrical failure or discharge, mechanical failure, and bursting or rupturing caused by centrifugal force. A business equipment insurance agency can explain the specifics related to your individual machinery.

What Type of Coverage Is Available?

Since needs will differ based on the type of machinery each company uses, there are many types of coverage that can be added to policies sold by business equipment insurance services. This may include protection from water damage, spoilage, mold, ammonia contamination, and utility interruption. You can also add business income and expediting expense coverage; law ordinance protection; errors and omissions coverage; and brands or labeling coverage.  

An experienced business equipment insurance agency knows that a breakdown of essential machinery is not good for a business. When a breakdown causes other damage, losses can really add up. Protect your machines, property, and even your reputation by adding business equipment insurance to your regular business insurance. Talk to an expert business equipment insurance services company today and get the exact coverage your business needs!

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