No matter what type of company you run, the equipment required for you to actually do business is a costly, yet essential investment to your company.

To protect your investment, whether it is computers and business machines or factory and other heavy machinery, you need a good business equipment insurance policy.

Unfortunately, business equipment insurance services frequently find many companies lack the coverage needed to protect expensive machinery against breakdown or other damage.

Avoid unnecessary and costly business losses by purchasing the right coverage from your business equipment insurance agency.

Who Needs Business Equipment Insurance?

Nearly every company that purchases some type of machinery for doing business needs business equipment insurance to cover its investment in these machines.

Companies and organizations ranging from simple office services and retail establishments to automotive shops, hotels, restaurants, construction companies, real estate leasing and maintenance companies, healthcare facilities, and any other company that uses machinery for any reason need a policy that will protect this essential equipment. 

Without purchasing the right policy from business equipment insurance services, companies may suffer losses much greater than just their damaged machinery.

What Does Business Equipment Breakdown Insurance Cover?

When you purchase an equipment policy from a business equipment insurance agency, you get more than reimbursement for the cost of repairs or replacement of your owned or leased machinery in the event of a loss.

You get coverage for additional costs you may not even realize can affect your company if you lose the use of its machinery:

  • Repair and Replacement - Policies sold by business equipment insurance services provide, first and foremost, reimbursement for repair costs or replacement after a covered loss.
  • Rush Repairs - Reimbursement for emergency repair costs that can reduce other losses.
  • Property Damage Liability - Covers liabilities that occur due to equipment failure.
  • Materials, Supplies, Etc. - Reimburses for lost materials, supplies, production, or other lost items that occur as a result of machinery breakdown or loss.
  • Business Interruption - The policy you buy from a business equipment insurance agency also covers lost income when you cannot conduct business for longer periods due to machinery loss.
  • Equipment Inspections - Most insurance policies cover the cost of mandatory safety inspections where required. Some may also cover the cost of certain repairs or upgrades that can prevent costly breakdowns.  

What About Equipment Warranties and Leases?

It is important to note that business equipment insurance coverage is critical even if you have leased equipment, or if yours is still under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Leases and warranties may cover some repairs; however, they do not offer the additional protection mentioned above that makes this type of insurance so essential.

Business Equipment Insurance - A Summary

Business equipment insurance protects your machinery for damage or destruction resulting from a covered loss, plus a lot more.

Failing to obtain this essential coverage from a business equipment insurance agency leaves you footing the bill for more than just the cost of repairing your machinery.

Based on the liability protection, loss of income benefits, and other additional benefits you gain, this type of commercial insurance offered by business equipment insurance services offers you peace of mind that your company is covered after an equipment loss so you can resume your business activity!

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