Distracted driving is something that only happens behind the wheel and could be more costly than you think. Most people think of distracted driving as a preoccupation with a cell phone or something else in the vehicle, although it can also occur when a driver is inattentive to their surroundings. Business auto insurance experts offer some helpful tips to help keep employees who drive alert and aware.

Check Surroundings Before Driving

While keeping employees covered with business auto insurance is important, it is not the only way for an employer to protect their business and employees. Some companies promote a policy that whenever employee uses their own car for work or drives a company-owned vehicle, they must walk completely around the vehicle before getting in. It is vital to check your surroundings before operating a vehicle; it is a good way to know what is in front of and behind a car before driving. One way to ensure employees follow such a policy is to put an object on either end of the vehicle, such as a set of orange cones. Employers that protect employees with business auto insurance need a commitment from employees to partner with them to follow company safety policies.

Back Into Parking Spaces

Another safety practice that can help ensure an employer will not have to make a claim on their business auto insurance is to have employees back vehicles into parking spaces. This allows for an easier and safer exit, especially in the event of an emergency. Backing out of a parking spot typically involves backing into unknown traffic, with a limited field of vision, which may cause a driver to overlook oncoming vehicles.

Let Cell Phones Take A Back Seat

One final suggestion for a company’s safety policy is to require employees to leave cell phones in the back seat. Even the quickest glance at a cell phone can cause a disastrous chain of events, resulting in injury, damage to property, and perhaps a claim on an employer’s business auto insurance. If it is necessary for an employee to use a phone for any reason, employers should make it a company policy for employees to pull over before using that phone. While inconvenient, this will ensure that employees are not distracted by mobile phones, which will help keep them and their passengers safe.

Although employers cannot control everything that employees do, following these safety procedures as well as having the best business auto insurance will provide the best level of protection. Adding these few simple safety procedures to company policy can help decrease accident probability. An employer should be sure their business auto insurance provides the right coverage. Call the insurance experts at Jones & Associates today and let us to review your policy. If your company does not currently have business auto insurance, we can find the best policy. if you have employees using vehicles for business purposes, this insurance is a must! Jones & Associates Knows Business Auto Insurance!

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