We have all seen the terrifying warnings of texting and driving; while it is certainly a very dangerous form of distracted driving, it is not the only thing taking our eyes away from the road. According to the Centers for Disease Control, an estimated nine people are killed in car crashes caused by a distracted driver every day. While on a personal level we may be aware of such distractions, it is important to be just as aware of such distractions when driving a company car as they could negatively affect Business auto insurance in College Station Texas.

What are some of the more common distractions drivers are seen doing behind the wheel of a car?

  1. Eating and Drinking – Everyone does this – it is the distraction I am most guilty of doing while driving. Whether a young professional running late for work or a busy mom grabbing dinner for everyone on the way home, we all eat snacks or even a full meal in the car while enjoying our favorite soft drink or coffee. One way to help keep Business auto insurance in Bryan TX lower in cost and prevent such a distraction from happening in company cars is to establish company policy that food and beverages are not permitted in company vehicles. If that seems too strict, consider restricting food or drink containers to the back seat only. It is an important driving distraction to avoid that will protect you, your employees, and your Business auto insurance in College Station TX.

  2. Grooming – Men reading this article may be thinking this does not apply – well, hold on guys because grooming does not only refer to applying makeup. Applying mascara is quite dangerous and distracting – but so is using an electric shaver or combing your hair. If you cannot finish your grooming at home, wait until arrival at the office. Your makeup application will look much better when done standing still and using a mirror and your employer, fellow drivers, and Business auto insurance in Bryan Texas will thank you.

  3. Dressing – Right up there with grooming is another driving distraction of dressing while driving the car. This is another no-no that I am embarrassed to say I have done. Whether it’s fixing a tie, tying shoes, or putting on jewelry, it is very distracting and can wait to at least be stopped. Don’t put yourself and those around you in danger by doing the finishing touches to your outfit while driving. If running late or caught in traffic while driving to a business meeting, let me guarantee you that those attending the meeting would rather you be five minutes late than be in an accident caused by distracted driving. Don’t cause a wreck making your Business auto insurance in College Station skyrocket because you were buttoning a shirt or blouse. The time you think you are saving is not worth the safety of you and those around – and how long does it really take to put on a belt, tie shoes, or put on jewelry?

  4. Rubbernecking – The next distraction on the list of what happens while driving is rubbernecking, ironically most often driving and staring at a wreck on the side of the road. It is indeed human nature – but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. Of course stopping to stare at a wreck is not the only type of rubbernecking. We can all get preoccupied with billboards, looking for a street address, or even enjoying a beautiful view of our gorgeous springtime bluebonnets. Stay focused on the road and the vehicles around you to keep your premium rate low on Bryan TX business auto insurance.
  5. Drowsy Driving – The final driving disruption considered to be as dangerous as drunk driving is driving while drowsy. My previous work experience sometimes had me working twelve, thirteen and even fourteen hour days. Not only was I weary of work, I was also extremely exhausted when these extra long work days were occurring every day for weeks on end. Now as an employer, you cannot control any employee’s exhaustion when personally induced; however, you can be sure that long working days are limited, which will help keep College Station TX business auto insurance claim free.

As business owner and employer, you can’t control every little thing employees do including when they are behind the wheel of a company car. Safe driving practices can be encouraged by educating employees with a distracted driving workshop and incentives for those who practice safe and focused driving. What a benefit for you as business owner, your employees, and the other drivers in your community.

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