So often business owners think they only need business auto insurance if they have company-owned vehicles. It is important to know that there are situations where both a business and its owner could be liable for an accident while an employee is driving a personal vehicle. The good news is the insurance professionals at Jones & Associates Insurance know how to find the best insurance for your business at a good rate. Don’t shy away from purchasing insurance for your business autos because you think it will be too costly; leaving you and your business unprotected could be much more costly.

Why Purchase Business Auto Insurance?

Following are situations where having insurance on your company autos is an absolute necessity:

  • Deliveries – The most obvious example of where insurance to cover a business auto is necessary is for employees who regularly use personal vehicles for business – such as deliveries of things such as food, flowers, and other items. Whether the business is a pizza parlor or a florist, this insurance will protect the business, owner, and its employees.

  • Non-Office Meetings – Another example of where business auto insuranceis necessary is the use of a personal vehicle to attend a business meeting. This may seem harmless; however, if a private vehicle is involved in an accident, the company is liable because the car was being used for business purposes. This is true whether an employee is driving alone or several employees are traveling with the business owner in a personal car. Business auto insurance will cover any medical costs incurred as a result of an accident. Costs incurred by other vehicles involved in the accident are also covered if the driver was at fault for the incident.

  • Business Errands – How many times has an employee been sent to get a new printer cartridge in the middle of printing that important client report? The last example of a need for business auto insurance may not be quite so obvious. If an employee uses a personal vehicle to run errands for business purposes, whether shopping for office supplies or picking up food for an office meeting, a company needs the protection afforded by this coverage.

You want to protect the interests of your business in the best way possible. Don’t find yourself in a situation where your company is not carrying business auto insurance coverage. The insurance experts at Jones & Associates Insurance know how to find the policy best suited for your business. Whether you are the owner of a small or a large company, we know how to find the perfect policy for your needs – so don’t let another day go by without calling Jones & Associates Insurance!

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