Business Auto Insurance Bryan TXI have noticed lately that driving in Bryan and College Station has become more hazardous to my health than usual. Whether I am headed to work in the morning or running an errand in the afternoon, it seems as if drivers are more distracted than ever; in the last month I have been involved in three close-calls and one hit and run.

Distracted Driving

Unfortunately, this lack of attention does not just apply to one demographic; distracted driving is happening across the board from young college drivers distracted by finals and what they will do this weekend through established adults emailing on their phones. I am here to tell you that it will only get worse with the holidays rapidly approaching. Everyone is rushed and more focused on holiday plans rather than the car in front of them.

This is both a personal and professional issue as individuals and business employees are involved in accidents on a daily basis, which make me wonder if those business folks have Bryan or College Station Business Auto insurance?

This time of year can mean all sorts of driving hazards, including ice on the roads, flooding, and most commonly, distracted drivers. If your company owns commercial vehicles or if employees use personal vehicles for business use, you need Business Auto Insurance in Bryan and College Station Texas.

What is Commercial or Business Auto Insurance?

Auto Insurance for business use provides protection while operating a company automobile and includes: Bodily Injury and Property Damage liability coverage for injuries or damage to the other party involved and Medical Payments Coverage (MPC) or Personal Injury Protection (PIP) for the driver and passengers of the covered vehicle. Are you renting vehicles for business use? Commercial or Business Auto Insurance in Bryan TX provides coverage for liability arising from the use of leased or rented vehicles. A policy for a privately owned vehicle may not cover damage to your vehicle when it is used for business purposes, even though you own the car and have coverage on that car, especially if it is regularly used that way and such usage has not been reported to your insurance company.

More Miles – More Accidents

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the estimated economic loss from all motor vehicle crashes has gone up since 2003, rising from $20,700,000,000 to $26,000,000,000. In addition, we are traveling more miles a year, up from 218,209,000,000 to 240,616,000,000 miles per year. So that increased travel is costing us more, meaning you especially need coverage to protect your business. Whether you are in the thriving metroplex of Dallas/Fort Worth or the small yet booming area of Bryan/College Station, you have three things in common:

1. Driving conditions are about to get worse with distracted holiday drivers.

2. Your business is about to get even busier with the holiday season rapidly approaching.

3. Not carrying Business Auto Insurance in College Station TX could cost you and your employees.

Don’t let November end without calling the experts at Jones & Associates Insurance to find out how you can easily add a Business Auto Insurance policy in Bryan and College Station to your current business insurance – it will be worth the effort!

See Jones & Associates For Bryan/College Station Business Auto Insurance!
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